My fingertips are the only thing that remains above the water as this school year begins to draw to a close. This year has been ROUGH, y'all. Not rough because of my classes themselves; I've generally had great luck with my classes this year. It's just been a completely overwhelming year from all sides: school... Continue Reading →


Guilty Pleasures

I'm not going to lie -- with the amount of work I'm supposed to have done this summer and haven't yet completed, I'm feeling really guilty. I want -- BADLY -- to have a much better year this year, but I also want to just do NOTHING and feel like that also doesn't weigh on... Continue Reading →

Throw OUT the Grammar!

This year, I'm throwing the grammar out of levels 1 and 2 completely (and majorly toning it down in 3, because I can't change all of my classes completely in one year). Yes, there will be NO explicit grammar teaching planned for either year! I am reading your thoughts right now: "What are you thinking???"... Continue Reading →

A Leader, NOW. Good enough, NOW.

I questioned about 400 times why I was chosen to represent Kentucky at LILL this year. For those of you that haven't heard of it, Leadership in Language Learning is a summer institute through ACTFL to build and support leaders in the world language community, across the nation. The first institute was held in 2015... Continue Reading →

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