That wasn’t the jolt I was looking for this morning!

I’ve been both excited and terrified of returning from Spring Break. Part of me is thrilled to try some new techniques with my kids, and I’ve been working until 2am for the past several nights trying to prep some things (including last night… thanks, night owl tendencies). The other part is scared that the mistakes I’ve made this year are going to cost us on the AP exam and is reflecting on the amount of work I still need to do for this week, no matter how hard I try to catch up. 

So, off I skipped to school this morning, exhausted and nervous and happy to see my kids (and to get out the door on time on a day when I couldn’t get the lead out). And then as we were almost at daycare, a car came two feet over into the turn lane and hit me. 

Now, I have to say that I’ve never been in a major accident, and luckily I realized that this guy, who was speeding along ahead of the pack, wasn’t going to go back to his side of the double yellow line, so instead of being hit head-on and spinning out into four lanes of 55mph, hilly, pre-dawn traffic I ended up with a mangled mirror and a shattered driver’s side window. But wow, did it scare the everliving crap out of me. Man, do my muscles hurt from gripping the steering wheel so hard. 

As if this were not enough to set my day into a tailspin, as I was climbing back into the passenger side of my van (to preserve the glass on my door until I could get to school and tape it) my sandal got caught and ripped out, right as the police officer was watching. And I had no other shoes, so emergency cabinet slippers it was for the rest of the day. 


Okay, enough stressing about this. Everything really did turn out about a well as possible for the situation (thanks to some know-how, we won’t even have to claim the accident because parts will be less than our deductible!), and I actually have a different reason for writing this post! It’s about all of the little things that made each piece of my day better. Let’s make a list, shall we. 

  • My department head immediately and without question took my call and gave up the beginning of her planning period to cover my class, and was patient as I blubbered in the phone that I didn’t have my stuff copied for the kids and couldn’t think at the moment of what they could do. She just handled it in stride and left me an encouraging post-it note!
  • Another teammate was in the process of setting up the iPad cart in my room when I arrived so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. 
  • My 1st period kids didn’t give me crap for launching back into French full force (after unpacking of course) right after break. Even the best kids at every school sometimes have a hard time with this, and I really appreciated their sensitivity this morning. 
  • My evaluating administrator ran to my room as soon as she heard I was back to come check on me, as well as a few of my kids that don’t have French during 1st period. People actually cared, y’all, warmly and genuinely. 
  • Somehow, copies came together during my multiple attempts at random intervals throughout the day and kids dealt with my need to sit and be in the dark as we worked for most of the day (the aches really started to get painful in 3rd period).
  • My French 2 kids actually kind of like the novel we are going to read and the new approach I’m taking with it/new things I’m trying!
  • I worked through my (overdue) club and honor society budgets after school even though I could barely keep myself together, and now they are done/crossed off my list.
  • Son #2 didn’t remember any of what had happened that morning so he wasn’t traumatized by the car. 
  • My amazing husband (who teaches Social Studies and is on break this week with Son #1) had done some serious weeding and housework today, and then volunteered to make dinner while I napped. 
  • While I really need to stay up to work tonight, I know that I can get by tomorrow with decent lessons if I just recuperate and go to bed now, which will make my entire week better. 

So, the jolt I got this morning wasn’t the teachable moment I was hoping for. Or maybe it was; maybe I just needed a little reminder of how great my kids and my community are. 


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