Guilty Pleasures

I’m not going to lie — with the amount of work I’m supposed to have done this summer and haven’t yet completed, I’m feeling really guilty. I want — BADLY — to have a much better year this year, but I also want to just do NOTHING and feel like that also doesn’t weigh on me, as I’ll need my strength for the ten months ahead.

It’s a weird contradiction, with an internal push and pull that constantly grabs at me, and I know that I’m not the only one. I give and give and give of myself during the school year; so, why do I feel so guilty taking time to rejuvenate and resupply that energy?


It’s funny how during the school year, I’m much better at managing my time. Something about the external motivation of meeting someone else’s demands and being accountable to the kids makes me able to keep things moving. And as soon as the floors are done being waxed next week, I’m going to kick my own butt all the way to school every day to catch up on work. Believe it or not (probably not from this post! ha!) I’m actually really excited to do the work and to craft an amazing year with my kiddos; I just can’t seem to get the lead out and get things done.


So, for now, here are my guilty pleasures. I’m owning them because I need to stand up for myself, TO myself, and say that it is OKAY TO DO NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE FOR WORK.

Guilty pleasures

Things that are currently making me happy:

  1. Binge watching shows; currently it’s When Calls the Heart by myself and Stargate SG-1/Atlantis with the hubby, but I’ve got a long list of shows in my planner
  2. Sleeping in every single morning until at least 9am and staying up until 1am every night – I’m a natural night owl, and I’m relishing the fact that our kids are actually letting us sleep in this year (we can hear them playing around 8am each morning which is a comfort to know that they are fine). This is HEAVEN.
  3. Ignoring all the to-dos in my house, which are numerous
  4. Meditating and doing yoga, when I remember or when it feels right
  5. Creative endeavors such as watercolor painting, making planner stickers, etc.
  6. Way too much social media (probably need to cut this back…)
  7. Hitting up tons of $5 Reds games from a sale we snagged earlier in the summer
  8. Reading anything and everything on pedagogy, second language acquisition, comprehensible input, etc. without any specific focus
  9. Shamelessly snuggling, tickling, and running with my boys. They are growing up so fast, and while we aren’t “doing” much this summer, we are spending time together and it’s my favorite thing of all.

I’m owning my guilty pleasures. I deserve every bit of them, sans guilt.


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